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What is the salary structure of Quality Analyst (QA) according to different countries?

Quality Analyst testing are an essential part of the agile software development life cycle (SDLC), and, especially in a DevOps or cloud development context, automated QA testing are increasingly seen as mandatory. This means that the QA engineers are in high demand. We analyze the average salary of a QA engineer can expect to make as a benchmark for anyone preparing to recruit as a QA engineers. Sometimes this field is described as QA automation.

 ‘QA engineer’ or ‘QA automation’ is relatively a broad title. Salaries are attached with the different positions in QA field. Salaries can also depends on programming languages and CI/CD tools & technologies used in a QA field.

QA Engineer’s pay is not the same for everyone. It can vary based on various factors. QA engineer salary ranges depend upon skills and certifications, location, organization, and technical knowledge. There are several other factors, but the mentioned ones make the things easier for the one to understand high-income opportunities.

QA developer’s salary is based on Different Levels of Expertise

  1. Level of expertise means that, whether a QA engineer is proficient in using programming languages, frameworks, tools and technologies.
  2. Field of expertise clears that at, which sector he worked like QA Automation Engineer or Quality Analyst.
  3. Years of experience means that how long he has worked in an organization as a QA Engineer.

Average Salary of Quality Analyst (QA)


How to Increase get High Salary Packages as a QA

The more experienced, skilled, and certified a QA tester is in demand or getting a higher salary. So, learn QA testing from professionals and increase your chances of getting a high salary packages. A wide range of online Quality Assurance training Course are available to become master in QA testing. It provides in-depth knowledge about every tool and technology to implement real life projects. You can pick a course based on the skill you want to learn, profession and interest.
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