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What is the future demand of Quality Analyst (QA)?

If you are a fresher and want to become IT professional, Quality Analyst would give a kick start to your career. In past few years, Quality Analyst has become an extremely good career choice in terms of professional growth, learning experience and income as well.

The demand of testing automation is becoming increasingly popular, and it creates more jobs for Quality Analyst engineers and software testers. When you start learning about Quality Assurance training course you have to grasp the true depth of what you’re being taught. If you love -to solve logical puzzles, to take challenges, to write code, to interact with people, to be in a team where quality products are delivered, then it can surely become the good career choice.

Future Growth of Quality Analyst (QA)

Quality Analyst is one of the most important jobs you can have as a software developer. Many people do not understand how Quality Analyst works and why it is so important to the overall success of your product.

Quality Analyst is a necessary evil. It is something that you need to do, but it is also something that can be annoying and time-consuming.

The way we do Quality Analyst has changed dramatically over the last decade or so. The main reason for this is that we have been forced to adapt as technology has moved forward at an incredible pace.

Especially, if you hold the degrees like B.Tech/ B.E., MCA, BCA, BSc- Computers, will land you a job quickly. But, if you do not hold any of these degrees, then you must complete a Quality assurance training course with ISO certification will help you to learn Software Development/ Test Life Cycle and other testing methodologies. So press the pedal on the accelerator and boost up the speed of your career.

As the companies become bigger and more complex and they do demand Quality Analyst for their organizations. This means that there is a lot more to do for Quality Analyst than they used to be. The future of Quality Analyst will be decided that how companies approach their testing processes.

Quality Analyst (QA) Future Statistics

  • The QA market is of 43 billion in 2023 the growth is estimated up to 40% in the upcoming years.
  •  Quality Analysts profiles are expected to reach $200 billion by 2025.

The roles for pursing your career as a Quality Analyst, you can become:

  • QA Analyst
  • Sr. QA Analyst
  • QA Team Coordinator
  • Test Manager
  • Senior Test Manager

With the continuous advancement of technology business sector are expanding like anything, because of that the demand of QA engineers and software testers are going to rise in the future. Quality Analysts is one of the most demanding and highly paid job profiles in IT industry across the globe.

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