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Roadmap in IT to achieve the highest career growth as a Quality Analyst

Hi everyone,

In this scenario, most of the people want to know that how to fast-track the status and increase earning potential in the industry. Today, I am going to share my experience with you that how to get growth in career as a Quality Analyst. Your expertise has the potential to make you more desirable as a job candidate or more valuable for the industry.

Growth facts in your own Field

Some people achieve exceptionally high performance levels in a particular task. They are also typically one of the most informed people in their field and achieve far beyond, what the average person does. But, this type of growth can help you to get career in your own field.

For Example; if a person is a carpenter and he made the furniture items for the people and by keep practicing in his work, now he is able to design the walls of house with the wooden material is the growth, which he has made in his own field.

Go beyond borderlines

In the other case, when you start practice outside your comfort zone and move beyond your current skill level to improve your skills, that is another way to get growth. In simple words, we can say that one needs to enhance the skill level in his own field as well as in the related fields, which are important to grow.

For Example; a carpenter does have the knowledge that how to made goods using wood and how to decorate walls with wood is the growth in the particular field. But, if he starts to learn that how to convince the people to buy those items, which he has made, is the marketing skill that is beyond his comfort zone and make him multitasking. This strategy helps him to earn more by using such new skills.

Take some steps to gain growth in a Quality Analyst career:

  • Find Your Interest in Connected Fields
  • Concentrate on single task at a time.
  • Invest time and do efforts.
  • Make goals.
  • Do Practice.
  • Analyze Your Progress Level.
  • Make a Progress Report

1. Find Your Interest in Connected Fields

In order to get desired growth, you must be interested in and passionate about the field. Interest is critical in order to dedicate the time and effort necessary to reach the high level. When you are interested in a subject, the training can seem effortless to you, and you are more likely to enjoy learning.

2. Concentrate on single task at a time

For getting more effective results, one needs to focus on one specific task at a time. For example, if you want to become an expert at web design, focus on building one specific kind of website, before you move to another task.

3. Invest time and do efforts

You must devote time and energy in gaining knowledge and practicing your skill. Set time each day or on specific days during the week to practice the skill you’re learning.

4. Make goals

To master any skill, start by identifying exactly what you want to improve and how you plan to improve it. Once you have determined this, then you can make those specific improvements. Identify the big goals you want to achieve, and then break them down into smaller milestones that you can complete in shorter periods of time.

5. Do practice

Deliberate practice involves challenges and is characterized by specific goals, progression and conditions that allow you to grow fast. If you are learning web design, deliberate practice could mean testing out new skills that you have read about but have not actually tried yourself.

6. Analyze Your Progress Level

While it’s important to spend time on studying or testing yourself to retain the new information in your mind and confirm that you understand how to apply what you’re learning. As a general rule, it’s most effective to spend one-third of your time studying and two-thirds of your time doing the activity you’re striving to master.

7. Make a Progress Report

When you notice or receive feedback that you are improving in a particular area, identify the next step you need to take to continue your growth level. This process of continually updating your milestones and next steps should occur frequently and guide you toward your career growth.

Well, we all know that growth can be measure by different aspects, but in today’s world only the people who are multitasking and able to deal with different task by their own are capable of getting growth in career. Keep practicing and learn new skills along with the current skill set will help you to get high salary package and fast track your status.

Hope you all will get your desired information by my writing.  

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