ISO 9001:2015 global certification

Our U.S.A Accredited Certification will help you to get job anywhere in the world


Proleed is having 9001:2015 certification which is recognized in 162 countries. Our Training Quality Standards are accredited by United Accreditation Foundation. Company product and services are ensured by ISO 9001 and also fulfill the customer expectations and surmount satisfaction level of customers.

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Global Certification

ISO 9001:2015 Certification, recognized in 162 countries
for higher studies and jobs.

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USA Accreditation

Accredited by United Accreditation Foundation 3510,
Colmar, Norfolk, VA 23509 U.S.A

A plethora of advantages of ISO 9001:2015 certification are
discusses here in:

  • By globally recognized Certifications we mean Certifications of Proleed are recognized worldwide.
  • A comprehensive certification program for project practitioners of every education and skill ranks is offered by Proleed. There are a variety of credentials available, rigorously developed, globally accredited and effortlessly moveable across borders and industries.
  • If anybody dreams for higher studies, Proleed Certification will have an added advantage for you to apply. Google Ranking is explicitly another big validation to prove the validation of your Certification.
  • Having earned an IT certification, many individuals think they are automatically entitled to a huge raise. Yes this phrase comes to be true at Proleed as your Certification is from IT Company with Global Clients. So, you need to explain anything your Certificate increases your market value itself.
  • Trainees generally have aspirations to be a part of an organization which is globally recognized as it makes half the job done for them.
  • We have an online Verification system which helps the trainees to get their certification verified online. It helps employers to clear the benefit of doubt.

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