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Roadmap in IT to achieve the highest career growth as a Project Manager

In today’s era, most of the people want to know that how to increase status and earning potential in the IT industry. The thing you should know first is that your expertise has the potential to make you more desirable or valuable for the industry. Today, I am going to share my own experience with that how I got growth in my career as a Project Manager.

Growth Scale in your own Field

Some people feels that level of performance in a task can help in achieving success. Most of the people informed work hard in their own field and achieve success people far beyond, what the average person does. This ultimately helps people in achieving success.

For Instance; if a person is a teacher in school and by keep practicing in his work, now she/he becomes experienced in his teaching profession. She/he work harder and also started to learn the pattern of learning, which gives growth to them in their own field. 

Go beyond your limits to learn something new in your own field

On another side, when you started to do practice outside your comfort zone and move beyond your current skill level to improve your skills, that is another way to get growth. Simply, if one wants to enhance his skill level then they must try to learn something new in the related field, which is the important factor of growth.

For Instance; a teacher does have the knowledge that how to teach students using new pattern and make the things easier to understand for them is the growth in the particular field. But, if she/he starts to learn that how to do counseling of student and also about the management skills that will help in rising up the growth level. This is how; we can go beyond our comfort zone and make our self multitasking. This strategy helps him to earn more by using such new skills.

Let me define some steps to gain growth in a Project Management field:

  • Perceive Your Interest in Related Fields
  • Let your mind concentrate on single task at a time
  • Invest time and efforts to grow
  • Make Yourself Ready to Achieve Goals
  • Practice Hard
  • Monitor Your Progress Level
  • Make a Report of Progress

1. Perceive Your Interest in Related Fields

For acquiring desired growth, one should be interested in and passionate about his field. Interest is the key which helps you to dedicate time and necessary efforts to reach the goal. When a person is interested in a subject, the training can seem effortless, and you are more likely to enjoy learning.

2. Let your mind concentrate on single task at a time

A person needs to concentrate on a one task at a time and complete it efficiently.

For example, if you want to become professional Quality Analyst, focus on building one specific kind of website, before you move to another task.

3. Invest time and efforts to grow

First you should devote time and energy in gaining knowledge and do practice about your skill. Make an everyday time schedule for practicing the skill that you are learning.

4. Make Yourself Ready to Achieve Goals

To earn professional skills, identify the skills that you want to improve and also do planning to accomplish your goal. Once you identified this, then you can start making improvements in it. Keep your goals in your mind and do effort to achieve it, and then break them down into smaller parts that you can accomplish one by one in a short time.

5. Practice Hard

Practicing about new concepts involves challenges that allow you to grow fast. Devote your time in practice and work harder to learn new skills that you have read theoretically, but not tried to do practice by yourself.

6. Monitor Your Progress Level

You should start monitoring yourself that how much time you take to learn new concepts and try to retain the new information in your mind for confirming that you are learning in an appropriate way. As a general rule, it’s most effective to spend one-third of your time studying and two-thirds of your time doing the activity you’re striving to master.

7. Make a Report of Progress

When you start to receive feedback about your improved skills then make report of it. Through which you can analyze your progress, which provides continuous updations and guide you toward your career growth.

Well, we all know that growth can be measure in different ways or methods, but in today’s scenario, the people who are multitasking and able to handle multiple task by their can get growth in career easily. Keep practicing and learn new skills along with the current skill set will help you to get high salary package and give rise to your status in the society as well as in the workplace.

Hope you all will get your desired information by my writing.  

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