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What is the salary structure of Data Analyst according to different countries?

Data analysts are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large sets of data. Number of tools and techniques are used to identify trends and patterns in data and then further use this information to help organizations to make better decisions. Data Analyst is an in-demand job that spans various industries and countries.

If you want to pursue your carrier as an data analyst, the salary is an important aspect to consider. Without having any doubt, I must say that Data analysts are well-paid. The actual salary of a data analyst depends on various factors, such as, the specific industry, the size of the organization, and experience of the data analyst. Here, I will show you that how much a data analyst can earn in different sectors.

Most of the businesses deal with a massive amount of data. Choose any one organization, and research on it then you will see that how highly it depends on data.

Rising Data Analyst Salaries

In today’s era, every business operation is backed by numbers. Starting from sales to marketing campaign, the information derived from all this data narrates a story. It provides much-needed insight and can give businesses a better idea of what worked well, what didn’t, what to do differently in the future and what to be consistent with. With the right data, businesses can make more informed decisions.

Data analyst’s salaries depending on various factors like;

  • Industry
  • Experience
  • Country / Geography
  • Size of the organization
  • Seasonality

Data Analyst Salaries by Different Country

One of the biggest perks about working as a data analyst is that they’re in high demand around the world. Firstly you should know about the average salary of data analyst according to different countries can be helpful, especially if you are thinking about relocating. Average base salaries * in some of the top-paying countries around the world include:

It is important to consider that all these are the average salaries that I have mentioned in above table. But this value can be changed according to various countries or city.

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