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Roadmap in IT to achieve the highest career growth as a Data Scientist

Hello everyone,

Most of the people want to know that what the Data science is? Is this field having a better future Scope? How can I learn Data Science?  For getting the answer of all above questions they used to read blog and articles. People want to know that how to fast-track the status and increase earning potential in the industry. Today, I am going to tell you that how to get growth in career as a Data Scientist. Make your goal clear and take a move to achieve that goal.

The people, who belong to different educational and working backgrounds, can learn data science. Data Science is the most demanding field of IT in which you will earn skills like;

  • Mathematical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Database Management Skills
  • Data visualization skills
  • Probability and statistics
  • Data Analytical skills
  • Coding skills
  • Data Manipulation

Learn Python in Data Science

There are various languages used in Data Science. But, the most preferable language is Python. Python helps in performing complex implementations like mathematical functions and many more.

You will learn the various modules in Data Science field like;

  • Agile Business Analysis
  • Database Management
  • SQL
  • MySQL Workbench
  • Advance Excel
  • Tabular
  • Power BI
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Python
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib

Become Successful in your own Field

Some people want to become successful in their own field by giving exceptionally high performance in an every task. They work harder and try to learn new skills daily and do things far beyond, what the average person does. Such type of skills helps in getting growth in your own field.

For Instance; “If a person is a gardener and he made the plants grow and by keep doing his work, now he is able to grow the different species of plants in an accurate manner, this will give him growth in his own field”.

Go beyond borderlines and earn skills related to your field

When you start practicing by coming out from your comfort zone along with interest and passion then the success becomes part of your life. In this world everyone is doing practice in their current field for becoming master. But, there are some persons who go beyond their boundaries and earn skills related to their profession.

For Instance; “A gardener does have the knowledge that how to grow plants using soil, water and sun rays and how to save them from harsh environmental conditions is the growth factor of a particular field. But, if he starts to learn that how to convince the people to buy those plants and give care to them, which he has made, is the marketing skill that is beyond his comfort zone and make him multitasking. This strategy helps him to earn more by using such new skills.

Take some steps to gain growth in a Data Science career

  • Identify your Interest in related Field
  • Do One Task at a Time.
  • Invest time and Make efforts.
  • Make Objectives
  • Practice for Achieving Goals.
  • Analyze Your Progress Level.
  • Create Report.

1. Identify your Interest in related Field

A person should identify his self first to examine that, in which profile you are interested in and wants to grow. Because, the basic thing that you to have is interest and passion in something before making that thing a part of your profession. Dedicate time and effort, which is necessary to do practice of something. When you are interested in a subject, the training becomes easier and effortless, and you started to enjoy learning.

2. Do one Task at a Time

A person needs to focus on one specific task at a time for getting more effective results. For instance, if you want to become master in Data Science, keep focus on one specific kind of task like perform mathematical functions, before you move to another task.

3. Invest time and Make efforts

Make a fixed schedule a follow it wisely for achieving good in profession. You should devote time and energy in gaining knowledge and practicing skill.

4. Make Objectives

To become a master in any skill, examine first what exactly you want to improve and how to improve it. Once you have made plan for making the improvement then decides about the big goals you want to achieve. Break records into smaller milestones that you can collect in short time period.

5. Practice for Achieving Goals

Deliberate practice involves challenges and is characterized by specific goals, progression and conditions that allow you to grow at rapid pace. Take guidance from someone or mentor, but, test yourself by your own to learn new skills that you have read about but have not actually tried yourself.

6. Analyze Your Progress Level

Test yourself repeatedly throughout the practicing time, because testing helps to retain information in mind and make you expert in that particular skill.  This process makes you understand that how well you are performing in learning. In simple words, we can say that the most effective strategy to learn something new is spend one-third of your time on studies daily and two-thirds of your time doing the activity you are striving to master.

7. Create Report

At last, you should create a report of your learning modules, so that you can easily checkout, how many modules you have done and how much are left. This process helps you to grow continuously by updating your skills.

In this roadmap, firstly it is clear that the Data Science is the best field to get growth in IT, as well as, it is beneficial for the future as well. The second most important thing is that the people, who are multitasking and able to handle multiple tasks at a time by their own, are capable of getting higher growth in career. So keep practicing and learn new skills for getting high status in society.

Hope you all will get your desired information from this roadmap.

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