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What is the future demand of an Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is completely changing our lives, because of which future of humanity across the global industries. It is the main driver, which is used for emerging technologies like big data and robotics. In our daily lives we are using AI without even realizing, because the applications like Spotify, Siri, Google Maps, YouTube all of these are running under AI functioning.

There is a no doubt that AI is one of the most popular technologies of today’s world. I will explain all the statistics of AI below along with current and upcoming trends.

Artificial Intelligence Market Size

Future growth in terms of Market Worth

Current AI Market Worth: $136.6 billions

Future AI Market worth (till 2030): $1.81 trillion

Source: GrandViewResearch

According to the latest 2023 data, the global AI market is worth $136.6 billion. The current AI market size is growing by 13x in the next decade.

Artificial Intelligence Software Market’s Revenue

Future growth in terms of Software Market’s Revenue

Current AI Software Market’s Revenue$50 billions

Future AI Software Market’s Revenue (till 2025): $126 billion

Source: Omdia

As artificial intelligence improves and becomes more widely accessible, AI spending is increasing across many different industries.

Artificial Intelligence Growth at CAGR

Future growth in terms of Growth at CAGR

Current AI Growth at CAGR: 40%

Future AI Growth atCAGR (till 2030): 38.1%

Source: Grand View Research

In fact, global AI adoption by organizations is set to expand at a CAGR of 38.1% between the years 2022 to 2030.

Artificial Intelligence Growth in Businesses

Future growth in terms of Growth in Businesses

Current AI Growth in Businesses: $62.5 billions

Future AI Growth in Businesses (till 2025): $126 billion

Source: IDCOmdia

In current year, the market is expected to grow to $62.5 billion and by 2025, it is forecast to reach $126 billion of annual revenue.

Artificial Intelligence Software Market Growth

Future growth in terms of Software Market Growth

Current AI Software Market Growth: 38%

Future AI Software MarketGrowth (till 2025): 26%

Source: Tractica

The latest available data predicts that AI will increase by at least 26% each year until 2025.

Artificial Intelligence Voice Assistants

Future growth in terms of Voice Assistants 

Current AI Voice Assistants Growth: $4 billions

Future AI Voice Assistants Growth (till 2024): $8.4 billions

Source: BusinessWire

Chatbots may still need improvements in natural language processing before consumers are on board. But voice assistants are a prime example of AI merging seamlessly with everyday life.

Artificial Intelligence is expected to boost the overall economic output rate within the next four-decade. Many of the industries are searching for expert AI Engineers, so number of students is doing online AI & Machine learning training course for learning AI. An opportunity in AI generates the new value and new roles for individuals, who help in business growth.

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